14/10/2014 09:21 BST | Updated 14/12/2014 05:59 GMT

Collecting the Following

I once read that asking a professional writer, or just a naturally funny friend to help a comedian whose ideas for stories and jokes have gone done the pan is perfectly acceptable. In fact, I've recently discovered many professional comedians have writers or co writers helping them with their genius jokes. This got me thinking about all those times my writers block has been the only thing on my mind (how ironic) and I could have hired some hot writer to do all my dirty work for me.

So I, an up and coming comedian decided not to waste any more time!!

I decided to ask a naturally funny friend, who is a part time actor, who NEEDS to write comedy professionally. As I sat opposite him, telling him my ideas and crazy stories, there he was resighting it all back to me - But with jokes at the end! Very frustrating for me. I may have the stage presence and the talent to deliver a funny line, but ask me to write 5 puns and a knock knock joke, I'd be as lost as Oscar Pistorius in a room full of stairs.... (See what I mean!)

The problem with the outrageous stories and ideas that I have is, it's impossible to narrow things down and pick something that the audience will relate to. And as my stories, ideas and material, are all based on truth, they are sometimes so ridiculous that audience members will either think I'm a compulsive liar or a character act. Who is going to believe that I bought a new sparkly top especially for my mug shot?

I did a gig recently where a female audience member was really looking forward to hearing my work as I was the only female stand up there. Once I got on stage, I told a new story about about being from the same town as serial killer Fred West, and another where I urinated in the street wearing nothing but a Spiderman mask on. I remember looking over to the woman, assuming she would be laughing... but she just looked... confused. She approached me after the gig and asked if I was a character because my stories didn't seem real. Here is where the problem lies. She suggested I either play up my delivery even more (which means having to take 50g of Cocaine as I'm naturally buzzed up anyway). Or really relaxing and 'down playing' myself to appear more realistic on stage. Good advice but one I'm not sure I'll be taking.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a usual regular occurrence. 95% of the time people enjoy the stupid faces I pull and the outrageous experiences I share.

I think at the end of the day, there are more quirky comedians out there than me. And in the end, you create your following for the people who just simply enjoy what you do. Whether it's made up, real life, character comedy or not.