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Stop Trying To Change Your Negative Thoughts If You Want A Fruitful Outcome

Many people let the thoughts that they have stop them from taking action but the truth is that thoughts are created by you. The moment that you realise that, it actually releases you to be in the moment and create the space you need to take action towards what you really want.

Do you sometimes get caught up in the thoughts that you have? Do they stop you from taking action?

Many people let the thoughts that they have stop them from taking action but the truth is that thoughts are created by you. The moment that you realise that, it actually releases you to be in the moment and create the space you need to take action towards what you really want.

Our thoughts determine our reality. Indeed this is true. What we think we experience, but we can always choose the starting point which changes how we experience the world.

Starting from expecting the best produces a very different experience than expecting the worst, but getting out of your own way all together and allowing possibilities to arrive is much easier.

Many people are struggling to change negative thoughts into positive ones and more often than not I am met with the question from clients 'but how do I do that?' 'That's hard isn't it' There is effort involved, practice, consistency, building the habits. Work!

There is an easier way to start before all of that hard work. It is much easier to let go of thought all together. Because it's not real. After all anything that we think that is not actually happening right here, right now in the moment is created by us. You could ask yourself 'How do I know this is true?' And then let the thought go.

Two people in the same situation can and do think differently. Some people have a more expansive mindset than others and sit back and allow things to arrive. While in thought you often won't see that choice of perspective or enjoy those possibilities and opportunities.

Which is why the first thing you need to do is to create space. Step back from thought and you can see much more clearly. Slow down and be present, in the moment and get clear on what you want.

Most people create thoughts that they don't really want or that are not aligned with the reality that they want to create.

Once you have created space, use your imagination to create what you really want instead.

Once you have created the space by stepping away from the thoughts, be intentional with that space. Spend time creating a vision of what you want instead. Refocus on what would be amazing for you right now but enjoy life and feeling good too, without thought. That is always accessible in the present.

So for example when you take action in an area and find yourself creating thoughts like 'this isn't working' or 'what if I'm on the wrong track?' or 'what if I make a mistake' let go of the thought and know that it is created. Breathe! That's the space. Then you can move forwards.

So how does this practice translate into a fruitful outcome for you?

Focussing on changing the thought to a positive is a lot like trying to change an imaginary image of a banana with blue stripes into a banana with pink spots, when you created the image of a blue striped banana in the first place. So you are using extra energy changing something that was originally created by you.

Why create the banana image at all, especially if what you really want to experience is an orange

You know, because you are present that what you really want is an orange, you even have more time and energy to focus on what that orange might taste like, look like, feel like, thus shifting your imagination to serve you more in actually obtaining that orange. This means that you are more likely to see oranges and opportunities to find oranges because that is where you are now focussing

Be intentional with the space

Create a vision board full of oranges, a diagram of oranges or write about them in a journal and then forget about them. Letting go of the outcome of receiving that fat juicy orange and going about your day simply focussing on feeling good as if your orange has already arrived. Have some fun with this.

It is also useful to track in your journal, any orange related items that arrive.

We have spent some time talking about fruit here, but it really is that simple. If you go to a supermarket and want to buy an orange you don't buy a banana and hope it turns into an orange before you get to the checkout or you don't focus on changing it into an orange before you reach the checkout.

That would be sheer delusion and unless you are a magician it's a battle you aren't going to win. It's the same with your thoughts and much easier start with the clear intention of what you want.

If the thoughts you are having aren't in line with what you really want. Stop wasting energy trying to change them, it really is double the effort. Step back create space to let them go so that you can get clear on what you want instead.

When you take the space to get clear and make a list or write what you want down in some way, you have a clear vision, image or feeling of what it is that you want to create, pay attention to how you feel in every moment. Ask yourself 'am I feeling like I have just received the fat juicy orange that I so want?' Whatever that may signify for you. Because if you are not, you are unlikely to get it and will most likely receive whatever you are thinking about instead.

You see you don't even need that orange if you can feel as if it has already arrived and from this space, that is the moment when it shows up. When you don't need it anymore.

Natasha Davies is an Entrepreneur Mindset Coach, Thought Leader, Author, Blogger and Womenspire Leader. She is founder of Because U Can where she helps individuals and groups to expand into the possibilities, move beyond perceived truths and discover the magic within so that they create freedom in their lives and businesses.