10 O'Clock Live

Satire needs a standpoint, an alternative perspective, and Brooker does not really have one: just a keen sense of the ridiculous nature of the established order. He is not trying to bring down the system: with his dramas, panel and review shows, newspaper column and tweets, Charlie Brooker is the system.
BroadcastNow is reporting that 10 O'Clock Live - Channel 4's topical satire show starring Charlie Brooker, Jimmy Carr, Lauren
Although he'd never been a particularly political comedian, Jimmy Carr's role as a 10 O'Clock Live presenter moved him - whether he liked it or not, and presumably he did - into the realm of satire.
UPDATE: Jimmy Carr apologises for "error of judgement" over tax affairs According to The Times, Jimmy Carr is among thousands
David Mitchell is back doing what he does best: getting on his soapbox and sounding off about everything and anything. Yes
It's been mere months since the wedding of Will and Kate. Just as soon as we've finally cleaned up the confetti and banners from the nationwide street parties, we are shocked and delighted to find two more of the nation's most-loved people are getting hitched. David Mitchell and Victoria Coren announced today that they are to wed.
If you want a media bubble burst, just call up Charlie Brooker. Be it on Newswipe, Screenwipe, Gameswipe or other things
Charlie Brooker has written a poem about The Sun. Reading it out on last night's 10 O'Clock Live show on Channel 4, many
If 10 O'Clock Live leads to Mitchell getting his own chat show it will have achieved something worthwhile. Until that happens, the powers-that-be have little to worry about if this represents the best satire we can produce.
Politically it has taken some hits, but after 18 months in power the Conservative-LibDem coalition has had a fairly smooth