16 days

Women and children should not be left saddled with the additional burden of broken institutions.
An argument that might arise that not all men rape and abuse. In that case then who are these men then?
This year’s 16 Days campaign seems to be slipping by quietly, a little bit like death in the night – an apt metaphor for violence against women and children.
Targeting women with messages of abstinence and leaving men out is problematic.
Unpacking a system that uses black womxn as catalysts of ‘development’ systems they never benefit from.
Midde in die 16 dae van aktivisme teen geweld teen vroue en kinders, het Amber Heard se Youtube pleidooi teen stilte, aan
You sign petitions or protest marches. But will you still be supportive when the victim is someone close to you? Someone who really needs you?
If you've ever been in a conversation about domestic violence, you may have heard (or even uttered) the question "why doesn't
I was not just another statistic in South Africa's abuse epidemic.
'Please can I take this off you...?' Things are getting hot and heavy and you whisper this, in a manner so low it is barely