2010 elections

George Osborne's budget it seems, was the final blow for Labour's chances of regaining economic credibility. Following the
Labour's path back to power need not be long; rebuilding support is a collective endeavour that many will choose to embrace if Ed Miliband and the Labour Party are honest, profound and forthright in how they communicate with the people.
Can it really be just 5 years ago that David Cameron was inviting us all to "join the government of Britain"?
With today's political landscape now taking smaller parties more seriously than ever, it is fairly safe to say that the current electoral system provides unrepresentative and undemocratic results... Politics should offer people real alternatives and people should be able to shape the decisions that affect their lives.
Ukip's then chief party spokesman and parliamentary candidate Nigel Farage speaking at the launch of the 2010 manifesto...which
George Osborne has urged Britons to stop the "sweatshop" stereotype of Chinese industry during a visit to the country with
David Cameron has compared the 2010 election campaign to the failed allied Second World War military operation that infamously