2012 Budget

Austerity until 2020, so says David Cameron today. It is not at all clear though what he means by this.
GAY MARRIAGE Something that's already been kicked into the medium-long grass, the consultation on this will continue for
George Osborne has produced another spectacular U-turn by reversing plans to put VAT on pasties and similar varieties of
The Queen's Speech provided further evidence of the 'omnishambles' which this Tory-led government has become. No vision, nor purpose and no direction. This is the best way to describe the Queen's Speech.
Let's not forget the humble pasty started life as a portable lunch for ordinary working fishermen and tin miners. Ken McMeikan, CEO of Greggs, summed it up well when he said: "people simply can not afford to pay 20% more for everyday food."
The proposals for a 'Pasty Tax' have certainly caused a stir in Westminster and across the country. It will have been hard to avoid the media furore on this, one of a series of measures in last month's budget which have attracted criticism from across the board.
Former foreign secretary Douglas Hurd has attacked government plans to introduce VAT on church renovations, claiming the
David Cameron and George Osborne's reputation for economic competence has taken a major hit in the wake of the Budget, according
David Cameron has given a strong hint that he is ready to water down a controversial cap on tax relief for charitable giving
Former prime minister Tony Blair has weighed into the Charity Tax row which has engulfed the government in recent days, warning