2012 London Olympic Games

As the Rio 2016 Olympic Games enthral the world in Brazil, thoughts in the UK are turning to the legacy of our own Games in London 2012. And with the attention comes the inevitable criticism from those disappointed that the transformations they dreamed of - in the economy and prospects of people in East London, or in sports participation - have not come about, or at least not in the way they had wanted.
Olympic gold-medal winning sailor Andrew Simpson has died after his catamaran capsized during a training session for the
The Olympic and Paralympic Games have been a huge success and demonstrated what can be achieved by the public and private
The parade route started at Mansion House Ellie Simmonds, who wore her four medals around her neck, waved to the crowd who
It is the best of times, it is the worst of times, and in many more cities than just two. First the Olympics, now the Paralympics
I've certainly been inspired by the Olympic games to improve my own fitness and to get more involved in sport again. I hope that millions across the world feel the same way and get the chance to enjoy sport - even if it just means taking a run around the block more often.
So, how did Team GB begin their big digital campaign? It started on 27 February 2012 by launching their brand new website and with it the real identity behind 'Our Greatest Team'.
Like a pint of newly poured Guinness, the media froth coming off the Games has taken a long time to settle. Can the Paralympics do for physical disability what the Olympics may have done, at least temporarily, for perceptions of immigrants and people of other faiths?
As a showbiz journalist one of the things that bored me senseless about the Games was the countless number of stuffy old curmudgeons praying it would finally wipe clean the smear on British culture - the dreaded obsession with celebrity.
So just as Danny Boyle gave us a very personal gift with the Opening Ceremony, the memory of which will last a lifetime, I'd like to give him a personal gift in a similar vein from all of us. A book containing photographs of each person's interpretation of what makes this isle wondrous to them.