2014 FIFA World Cup

Brazil’s 7-1 loss to Germany in 2014 is now used to describe everything from a bad day at the office to the country’s political turmoil.
Sport, in its different forms, has consolidated its position as an important platform for stimulating tourism in recent years... the hospitality, joy and affection of Brazilians as one of the greatest differentials of the 2014 World Cup. It is no coincidence that many foreigners say they will recommend Brazil as a tourist destination to their family and friends.
Everybody knows the famous names of the past and the present, but it can be easy to forget about those who perform brilliantly for their sides without necessarily stealing the show. Here are five players who have performed incredibly well for their side so far in the World Cup, but have not received the plaudits they deserve.
Brazil has spent more than five times the amount on security as the last World Cup in South Africa. Those Robo-Cop outfits
The harsh realities in Brazil are driving tens of thousands of people to the streets in protest against the competition and the resulting elevated public spending. There are calls for a general strike amid outrage that only 10% of the public transport projects which were promised to be the legacy of the 2014 World Cup, have been completed.
Albert Camus famously said that everything he knew about morality and obligation he learnt from football. Our politicians could use football to teach an important lesson about morality and obligation, by making sure 2014 is England's last ever World Cup.
Or rather: someone... We presume that when the designer produced the sketches, Fifa said "Make it so". SEE ALSO: England's
In case you missed Roy Hodgson's announcement on Monday, here's the England World Cup team in full (via @QuantumPirate):