2014 Olympics

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Why do we allow many countries to continue to have laws that are clearly prejudiced against LGBTQ people? For some reason, we tend to be cultural relativists when it comes to LGBTQ rights. We act as though it's okay for every culture to make its own rules about which people it will treat with respect and dignity. We tend to assume and accept that Russian culture might be different and thus that Russians have the right to, for example, not allow same-sex couples to adopt children or act in a "pro-gay" way. We may disagree, but we find it hard to step in and enact sanctions or boycotts. Because, after all, it's their culture, their beliefs.
Gay athletes and supporters at Russia’s 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games could face arrest under the country’s newly approved
One thing I could never complain about is being bored in this business!! From the tranquil, heavenly beach bliss of the Maldives last month to the historical, snowy, Russian glory of Red Square in Moscow is mind-boggling!