2017 general election

The work is by no means over. An analysis of the election result could just as easily conclude that it was the Conservatives alienating older voters with policies attacking their houses and winter fuel payments that lost them the election. And while Jeremy Corbyn attracted a large youth vote, he still fell well short of being able to form a government.
Theresa May is losing it and Jeremy Corbyn is well ahead - she started high and has slipped badly and arguably things couldn't have got much worse for him. It doesn't mean that she will lose, but if she limps home with a majority of less than fifty, she could face trouble going forward from her own party.
A progressive alliance with tactical voting in key constituencies is the single best hope of preventing a Tory government - which at this crucial moment in British history should be every progressive's patriotic concern. Far from ruling it out, Jeremy Corbyn should be figuring out how to make it work.