2020 general election

By the time the Chancellor got on his feet to deliver the Autumn Statement, expectations of any extra funds for care were very low. The fact that nothing was unveiled confirmed how far care still has to go to win political support.
With all of the new challenges online voting presents, it would equally open up a whole realm of opportunity. Opportunity to resign issues like 'accidentally spoilt ballots' to the dustbin, and opportunity to enable a more accessible method of voting for Londoners with disabilities and vision-impairments, as well as the city's youth and long-hour workers.
"The central task of the whole Labour party," Corbyn said, "must be to rebuild trust and support to win the next general election." I agree. I just wish he had put a bit more flesh on the bones - and I wish he had told his party activists that they need to start talking much more to former Labour voters in key constituencies and much less to each other.
Too much of our time was spent speaking to Labour voters and not enough to those undecided. We need to listen to voters on the doorstep not just ask the odd voter ID question or spout party lines at them, our approach must be tailored based on the needs and concerns of the individuals we meet and the things they tell us.
One of New Labour's most influential architects has said he will refuse to sit back and watch the party lose a third general
Whilst you and I will have grown up in the pre-digital age of VCRs, audio cassettes, and encyclopaedias, the 2020 general election will be the first election where there will be a generation of first-time voters who have known nothing other than a lifestyle of digital accessibility.
And they're off! David Cameron's surprise revelation yesterday that he would not seek a third term as prime minister has
In the next five years I will go from being a teenager to being an adult - in the eyes of politics. I will also be a first time voter in the 2020 General Election and as I step into the polling booth for the first time I sincerely want to see more female candidates on my ballot paper than ever before.