3d art

These incredible sketches by self-taught Dutch artist Ramon Bruin will blow your mind. Using just a pencil, a few sheets
Rising quickly up our 'places we'd most like to visit' list is Sanfang-Qixiang in the Fujian Province, China - which translated
Anamorphosis, the technique of making hand drawn sketches appear 3D from certain angles, is a remarkable enough skill on
David Zinn makes streets a little brighter, if only for a few hours. The chalk artist has become known in his hometown of
At first glance it appears to be a black and white photo torn in half. Then you noticed the nose facing the wrong way. Then
Optical illusions are proof that while the human eye is a wondrous feat of natural design, a biological marvel and rather
Well-executed 3D street art always raises a smile, and this new piece from an exhibition centre in China is no different
Artist Aakash Nihalani once claimed to like the fact that his bold creations were removed from the streets of New York almost
There's nothing we like more here at Huff Post UK Culture than some 3D gimicky art to get the creative juices flowing. So
Seasoned gallery visitors know the drill... hands behind your back, face set in contemplative mode, slow footsteps a respectful