3D printer

Innovators are testing the waters with this new technology. And this revolutionary manufacturing process, considered impossible just a few years ago, has exceeded our expectations. It produced spectacular results spanning different industries, pushing them in new directions.
I can only imagine how incredibly sci-fi it must feel to hold a teacup you just casually printed at home with your 3D printer. A perfectly circular, perfectly manufactured teacup whose only prerequisite for existing is your ability to press a couple of buttons
If you’ve ever fancied your very own personal Paul McCartney — either to thank and cherish for his musical and charity work
Charlie Egan was born with no right arm below the elbow but has now been fitted with his new 'Spider-Man' prosthetic arm
3D printing has been tipped as a technological game changer for some time, but after a hesitant start it looks as if this potential is slowly starting to be realised...
The realm of video games is not exactly short of very expensive action figures made in dubious taste for niche audiences
So at the moment every other day we see or hear news stories about 3D Printing and its limitless possibilities with space age projects from houses being built to skull transplants all coming from a 3D Printer.
Printers aren't just for reproducing Word documents and clip art any more. They're for building houses and drawing models
Ketchup bottles just don't work. Either they're made of glass and impossible to get the stuff out, or are squeezey but so
A man whose face was critically injured after a motorcycle accident has had his life transformed after ground-breaking surgery