George Osborne faces mounting pressure from Tory backbenchers to cut the top rate of tax from 45p to 40p after official figures
George Osborne and Tory ministers are making "unnecessarily heavy weather" of justifying why they cut the top rate of income
Danny Alexander has warned George Osborne that the top rate of tax will only be cut to 40p "over my dead body". The Liberal
David Cameron's enterprise advisor Lord Young has expressed sympathy for calls to cut the top rate of income tax from 45p
Chancellor George Osborne should think about cutting the top rate of income tax, Boris Johnson said on Friday as he praised
Estimates used by George Osborne to justify the axing of the 50p top tax rate are "highly uncertain", an influential group
George Osborne has robustly defended his decision to scrap the 50p tax rate, as "it raised no money at all". Speaking to
Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has been mocked by Tories and members of other parties, after he and the vast majority of Labour