But now we have flat screens, curved screens, LED screens, OLED screens, plasma screens, HD ready, Full HD, 4k and the list goes on. The point isn't that we have so much choice, or that technology is reaching further and further each day. It's more about when will it ever be enough?
If there's one thing better than watching a rocket launch, it's watching a rocket launch in glorious 4K and thanks to Space
Why do people climb Mount Everest? Why do they go up there to die, to pollute, to (usually) fail and spend thousands doing
Playing 4K games on the monitor, or displaying 4K video content was superb - the quality and clarity is striking, and going back to non-4K you can really see the difference. The very low input lag is a very important feature if you are wanting this for gaming.
Netflix has suggested that both the Xbox One and PS4 will be capable of playing 4K video later in 2015 -- or at least by
This year's Golden Globe award winners underscore not only this broadening trend in content consumption, but also the fact that the future of entertainment is on consumers' terms and unconstrained by traditional broadcast models or cinematic paradigms.
Tech Editor Michael Rundle finds out the big trend in TVs at CES 2015 is HDR. Which is... what, exactly? The 'future of TV
If you just bought a new TV in the sales, we have bad news: you actually bought an old TV. Panasonic, LG and Samsung have
The Earth is truly beautiful and it's fair to say that there are thousands, if not millions of images out there thanks to
TVs are one of the hardest tech purchases you can make; they're big, expensive and as such you want them to look good and
So, what is 4K, really? Yes, it's video. Yes, it's more HD than HD. And yes, it's worth it. With over two times the resolution
Maybe it's me, but it seems like the 'Best of CES' lists starting coming out this year even before the show began. I practically didn't even need to hit the floor to walk away with an impression. But rather than give you yet another review or top ten list, I'll give you my predictions for which tech innovations will truly come of age in 2014.
Tech experts might be heralding the arrival of 4K screens - but more than 11,000 people in the UK still watch TV in black
There is no shortage of 4K TVs on show at CES 2014. In fact there are 8K screens too - though no one on Earth is currently
Samsung has decided to mess with everyone still marvelling over the benefits of 4K TVs - you know, those ultra-high res displays
"Television - as a concept, and for a long time - is already dead." It's a bold way for Laurent Abadie, CEO of Panasonic
Panasonic's 65-inch 4K TV makes us feel really, really bad for anyone who owns a 4K TV already. Because as the world's first
We've seen some pretty amazing TVs at IFA so far - but from a marketing perspective this is pretty impressive too. LG recently
Samsung has taken another step towards market leader with the announcement of a Retina Display-busting ultra-high definition
Sony has unveiled a new sound system which it says can remove the commentary from football matches. Its top-of-the-range