50p tax

Ed Miliband and the Labour party risk giving the Tories a "free hit" by depicting them as anti-business due to their plan
Dame Tessa Jowell has a simple message for anyone who thinks she might be too old to be mayor of London. "My pilates class
Jobs will be lost because bosses have to pay a bit more tax? How does that work? They're going to shut down factories, lay off staff, because they have to pay a bit more income tax? I don't think so.Investors will tear up their business plans because they feel sorry for UK chief executives with fewer pounds in their pockets? Why on earth would they? It simply makes no sense.
Telegraph columnist Iain Martin claims Labour's 50p top rate of tax pledge is 'crazed, immoral class warfare'. But in doing so, he ignores the lessons of history, examples from abroad, empirical evidence and the opinion polls.
Raising the top rate of income tax isn't about envy, it's about justice. But it only goes so far. We also need to start talking about raising the minimum wage, clamping down on tax avoidance and evasion, and public ownership. Enough is enough. The rich have been taking the rest of us for a ride for far too long.
Chuka Umunna has launched a staunch defence of Labour's plan to bring back the 50p upper rate of income tax for those earning
Apprentice star Karren Brady and Ian Cheshire, boss of the DIY giant, both advisers to David Cameron, lead the businesspeople
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Estimates used by George Osborne to justify the axing of the 50p top tax rate are "highly uncertain", an influential group