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2016 has been a dark year for music. We've lost David Bowie, Frank Sinatra's son, Frank, and the artist formerly known as alive, Prince. But God doesn't murder a rockstar without opening a window, and this summer I stepped into the musical void for BBC Get Playing.
Last night saw the announcement of the nominees for this year's AIM Independent Music Awards, and as I watched our presenters reveal the labels and artists that feature in this year's nominees list, I felt great pride that I get to work with the people responsible for some of the best music in the world.
I have been asking listeners to share their memories of that time and specifically, when they realised they were part of the 90s movement which became known as Britpop. One listener in particular had the most incredible reason for vivid memories of that time - his wedding day. A day immortalised on the iconic cover of Pulp's album, A Different Class.
think this tendency to borrow is a sign of confidence. This generation doesn't feel the need to violently react against the past. We don't feel the need to constantly do or say something new for the sake of it. Instead we can assimilate, play with and warp the past.
Since starting to work on the AIM Independent Music Awards a couple of years ago, it hasn't escaped my attention that every time a list of music award nominees is published, a large-scale debate and healthy amount of criticism and cynicism inevitably follows. I suspect this is because of the subjective nature of music; the concept of judging it is arguably flawed.
During a chance meeting with a television production company I found myself saying "yeah I think I can still run under a minute for 400m." But surely my inherent fitness and speed would carry me through? They bit my hand off. A Radio 1 DJ prepared to work and train for the Olympics alongside her job. I'd try out for the Greek Olympic Team to compete in Athens and search through my ancestry for my right to a Greek passport. Documentary land beckoned. Fledgling BBC3 were hooked.
The threat of a right wing coup hung over 1976, as a fifteen year old in a backwater coma town, my next door neighbour decided to take a 'defiant pose' and form the Cortinas.
Doctor Who's bin-shaped adversaries have been away from our screens for a little while now, but that doesn't mean the Daleks
It's great that our elderly statesmen of rock are taking to the airwaves. But I'd like to see a bit of a shake-up in the way the music we hear on our national stations is chosen. I'm specifically thinking about Radio 1 here.
I am currently showless, having hung up my broadcasting headphones two weeks ago - just before Glastonbury - to await the arrival of my second child. So I thought I'd share here what I'd normally be sharing with you on the weekend breakfast show on 6 Music. What follows are a few of the tunes which are currently rocking my world plus a word on my other current obsession -  the Tour de France.