UK's hottest day on record was a "game changer".
Experts are clear that the extreme weather is happening more often and with greater intensity.
Major incident declared in the capital – as well as Leicestershire, South Yorkshire and Suffolk – as hundreds of firefighters battle blazes fuelled by heatwave.
It may be reaching 40C now, but remember when there were flash floods?
Why you should ignore this latest batch of social media conspiracy theories.
The Duke of Sussex delivered the keynote address at the United Nations on Monday on behalf of Nelson Mandela International Day.
Extreme temperature warnings have been issued this week.
Two people were killed in the blazes in Spain that the country’s prime minister linked to global warming, saying: “Climate change kills.”
Giving ice lollies to zoo animals is probably sound – wearing a bearskin hat less so.
The Met Office has also just issued its first ever red heat warning over the weather.