Young drivers may face a ban on carrying passengers who are not members of their family as the Government seeks to cut the
Negative attitudes towards cyclists are "almost like racial discrimination", says one of the country's leading motoring experts
Petrol prices have fallen but drivers are still being short-changed, according to the AA. Average petrol prices have gone
Road gritting and snow clearance teams are standing by to deal with the first onslaught of wintry weather as forecasters
When your boiler breaks down, calling the AA might not be the obvious solution. But some of AA's roadside patrollers are
Peck's praise of AA isn't some feelgood therapy technique to make addicts feel better about themselves. It is backed up by some really interesting points and can be read in his book Further Along the Road Less Travelled.
More than two in five drivers are illegally using hands-held mobiles while at the wheel, with some even taking pictures of
Panic buying at the pumps earlier this year brought the UK's long-term fall in petrol sales to a halt, figures on Monday
Whiplash injury claims cost insurers more than £2 billion last year - adding around £90 to the cost of a typical car insurance
Legalise the drugs, and even the abstainers will have a chance at a much healthier, less resentful, and happier time in their recovery.
Some parents are spending 50 hours a month driving their children to school and to social activities, according to a survey
The AA has warned of "stupid and very dangerous" actions being taken by panicked drivers. In a statement, the motoring organisation
Downing Street has denied fuelling panic at the prospect of petrol shortages, as David Cameron prepares to chair a meeting
The average price of petrol in the UK has broken through the 140p-a-litre threshold for the first time, the AA said on Friday
Recent rises in petrol prices at the pumps will wipe out any savings drivers could have expected from warmer-weather motoring
The price of diesel in rural filling stations is, on average, 4p more than in urban areas, a survey showed today. Cars are
Safety campaigners said today that warnings over drink-drinking were failing as new figures showed young drivers are still
The number of accidents involving pedestrians wearing headphones is on the rise, a report suggests, prompting fresh warnings
The great Christmas getaway has begun with schools breaking up for the festive period. The AA said it expected up to 18 million