AAA Rating

Ratings agency Fitch has stripped the UK of its AAA rating due to its "weaker economic and fiscal outlook". The agency placed
Nigel Farage was quipping that the Tories split the UKIP vote in Eastleigh - ouch. With the recent decline of the BNP and soon to be expired incarceration of the EDL leader Stephen Lennon - their masses of frustrated followers have found their mouthpiece in Farrage.
George Osborne was facing renewed demands from the Tory rank-and-file for tax and spending cuts tonight after Britain was
On Wednesday, it emerged that Britain's top-tier AAA credit rating could be under threat. As the UK economy falls further
Make no mistake, Moody's decision to put the UK's prized AAA credit rating on negative outlook last month would have sent a sharp shock of panic through the trading floors of the city and of course Westminster.
George Osborne has insisted the government will continue its unpopular austerity programme despite coming under increased
There is "no guarantee" the UK will keep its AAA credit rating, a Tory MP warned on Friday morning. Eurosceptic Conservative
Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF, has issued a stark warning to world markets by claiming the future is “gloomy