Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University students have voted to stop supplying bibles in student halls as it made them feel "uncomfortable
Bibles could be removed from student halls at Aberystwyth University after more than half of students said they found the
A university in Wales has set the ultimate honeytrap for prospective students: a year abroad in the Indian Ocean at its new
Students were evacuated to safety on Monday and have been barred from returning to their seafront homes after hurricane-force
The dear old Daily Express, one of the nation’s oldest rags, perhaps isn’t quite the newspaper it once was, focusing on an
A university sports team has been banned from playing and has had its funding withdrawn after one student attended a club
A university ban on lit candles has lost a Welsh seaside town over £100,000 in lost tourist revenue from thousands of Jewish
Updated: 7 January 2012 - statement from Aberystwyth University Universities in Wales are at the centre of a "dumbing down
A university bar has been forced to close as students opt for sipping lattes over downing pints. Frugal undergraduates Aberystwyth
The London route students will march during the November protests to "stand up for their future" has been revealed by the
An octogenarian who battled ill health to finish a demanding degree course has died within days of his landmark graduation