abominable snowman

Science has just killed bigfoot. A new study of supposed hair samples of the North American and Himalayan mythical beast
What will intrepid fur-clad explorers and their binoculars do now? The mystery of the yeti, according to new DNA evidence
Bigfoot rumours are flying again after two young boys found what appears to be a decomposing limb in a wooded area of Quincy
The boys were close to the animal when it stared at them, before running away "I am convinced it was a staged performance
DNA tests on mysterious hairs found on a Yeti trek have reportedly revealed they come from an “unknown mammal closely related
A black and white snap showing an “apeman” cowering between a smartly-dressed man and woman has gone viral. The picture is
Three separate Yeti "sightings" have been reported in the Siberian region of Kemerovo. The sightings come as Russia prepares
Once thought the stuff of myth, Siberian officials asserted this week that they are "95 per cent certain" that yetis do exist