abstract expressionism

Abstract Expressionism is serious, grown-up stuff. It's about existential anxiety and overwhelming emotions. It's about death
Where to begin when you don't know where to begin... Simply put, the Abstract Expressionism show at the Royal Academy of Arts is extraordinary, utterly extraordinary. Wandering around these large galleries - the beautiful high-ceilinged walls smothered, crammed to capacity, with these vast revolutionary canvases - I felt both lost for words and completely overwhelmed.
Arte Povera, literally poor art, and other artists not included in this movement such as Bonalumi succeeded in challenging preconceptions in the use of materials such as 12 alive horses presented in an art gallery or the traditional definition of media.
Georg Kaiser's From Morning to Midnight is a piece of expressionist theatre where more emphasis has been placed on the staging rather than any emotional involvement with the characters. Now, this makes for a few interesting visual spectacles and set-pieces but when these dry up, you find yourself locked in to a interminably over-earnest piece of work.
Revolutions often start with a shocking moment or a dramatic gesture, and when David Park backed his car up to the city dump in Berkeley, California, in 1950, maybe that's what he had in mind.
Atsuko Tanaka wore her extraordinary flashing - with its layering of multicoloured lights bulbs and light tubes - at an exhibition