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Abu Qatada was first arrested in the UK in 2001 In 2001 he went on the run after being questioned over alleged links to a
Radical preacher Abu Qatada, who was deported from the UK, has been found not guilty of terrorism offences in court in Jordan
The wife and two children of the radical Islamist cleric Abu Qatada have now left the UK, it has been revealed. The family
Home Secretary Theresa May has called for something to be done to stop the “crazy interpretation of our human rights laws
The Jordanian parliament has approved a treaty with the UK designed to trigger the removal of radical cleric Abu Qatada, the
The Abu Qatada saga demonstrates the challenging complexity of extraditing suspected criminals and terrorists through bilateral arrangements. Of course there are special features in that case and it concerns a non-EU country, but it still serves to highlight the sheer absurdity of the Conservatives' desire to pull out of the European Arrest Warrant.
Why sully UK's human rights record further by deporting him to a country that practices torture? Ms. May doesn't need a judge to tell her that torture is evil, her conscience should do that.
The UK government will hand over 'hate preacher' Abu Qatada to the glamour model also known as Katie Price, Theresa May confirmed
Is Abu Qatada, an Islamist "hate preacher" from Jordan, accused of being "Osama Bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe", really
Home secretary Theresa May has laid out the next steps she intends to take in her ongoing struggle to deport radical cleric
Abu Qatada was re-arrested earlier this month after being linked to the publication of extremist material on the internet
Home Secretary Theresa May's appeal against the decision to allow Abu Qatada to stay in the UK has begun three days after
Theresa May has promised that a Conservative government would scrap the Human Rights Act and could go further by pulling
Radical preacher Abu Qatada must remain in custody following his arrest for allegedly breaching his bail conditions, a judge
Radical preacher Abu Qatada has been arrested for allegedly breaching his bail conditions, days ahead of the Government's
The home secretary's Abu Qatada appeal against the decision to allow radical preacher Abu Qatada to stay in the UK is due
The legal aid bill for terror suspect Abu Qatada stands at more than £500,000 and is still rising, the Government has disclosed
Abu Qatada, the radical Islamist preacher, has moved house while he fights the latest round in his battle against deportation
Home Secretary Theresa May has been granted permission to appeal against the decision to allow radical preacher Abu Qatada
Abu Qatada intends to sue the British Government for £10m for his "extended mistreatment" and "unlawful detention", his family