Abu Qatada

The Jordanian parliament has approved a treaty with the UK designed to trigger the removal of radical cleric Abu Qatada, the
In a speech last week at Gray's Inn Sir Geoffrey Bindman Britain's foremost human rights lawyer, said that civil liberties
Abu Qatada was found to have £5,000 cash in his home during a search, and his son had a USB stick containing school work
Radical cleric Abu Qatada is a "proud and dignified man" who has been held in custody for too long, an immigration tribunal
Scotland Yard has passed on material found in Abu Qatada's home to Danish authorities to reportedly investigate a connection
Abu Qatada has offered to return to Jordan - provided an anti-torture treaty is ratified. The hate-preaching cleric's barrister
Radical cleric Abu Qatada will launch a fresh bid for freedom today as he seeks to be released from prison at an immigration
The UKIP successes in these local elections are influential in the short term. However, the long term impact of UKIP is still up for debate. While UKIP have been on the rise in recent years it is true that even these results have taken many analysts by surprise.
Sadly we live in a world when politicians rarely look outside the bubble in which they are trapped. You can't blame them really. If they say sorry, their rivals say 'you have failed'. If they admit fault, the ideologues of their respective parties start baying for blood. In a world where your position is only as secure as the amount of time you have spent climbing the greasy pole to political success, little wonder that they feel they can't be honest.
The Abu Qatada saga demonstrates the challenging complexity of extraditing suspected criminals and terrorists through bilateral arrangements. Of course there are special features in that case and it concerns a non-EU country, but it still serves to highlight the sheer absurdity of the Conservatives' desire to pull out of the European Arrest Warrant.