Abu Qatada

Why sully UK's human rights record further by deporting him to a country that practices torture? Ms. May doesn't need a judge to tell her that torture is evil, her conscience should do that.
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The UK government will hand over 'hate preacher' Abu Qatada to the glamour model also known as Katie Price, Theresa May confirmed
Is Abu Qatada, an Islamist "hate preacher" from Jordan, accused of being "Osama Bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe", really
Home secretary Theresa May has laid out the next steps she intends to take in her ongoing struggle to deport radical cleric
The Government has been refused permission to take to the Supreme Court its fight to remove preacher Abu Qatada from the
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The government has asked permission to take its fight to remove Abu Qatada from the UK to the highest court in the land. The
This week has seen the grilling of politicians, a belligerent North Korea, and Theresa May's attempts to deport Abu Qatada