President Cyril Ramaphosa says a new presidential council will oversee the financial management of state owned enterprises.
Bureaucracy is necessary to manage large institutions. But it can also be alienating.
It is crucial to ensure that the academic project at South African universities is vigorously and bravely safeguarded.
The sooner Johnson can draw a line under this unfortunate matter, the better. Nor would it require a u-turn. If the Prime Minister and he support academic freedom and free speech, then our petition's demands are an easy request to deliver. If they do not, their actions will speak much louder than their words with a chilling effect on our campuses.
Despite the government's changes, then, we still have a piece of proposed legislation which doesn't command the confidence of students and staff, and which represents a huge future risk to the taxpayer. Peers still have a chance to insist on stronger concessions and I hope they will do so today.
Black students know their own financial struggles and can tell when a system is deliberately stopping them from success.
To protect our students and the global reputation enjoyed by UK universities, we must have more rigorous quality measures applied before any new provider is allowed to access either degree awarding powers or state funding via the student loans system. And it's time for a major rethink on the Tef, which cannot be successful while so many question its value. Let's hope the minister is in listening mode.
Urhulumente wethu usibetha ngoyaba kuba ubetha ebuyelela ngeziphumo ezisibonisa ukuba uninzi lwabantwana bethu bafumana imfundo ebashiya bengenanto.
Our solution to this problem was to increase the number of languages and the number of pharmacies enrolled so that each pharmacy can give us fewer surveys and we can still hit data collection targets.
Academics rarely seem to get a good press. Michael Gove typically summed up what has become a season of anti-intellectualism when, prior to the Brexit result, he declared that the public had had "quite enough of experts."