A woman has died and her daughter is critically ill in hospital after they were found injured at a hotel. A guest at the
A few days ago, something happened whilst I was cooking, something that inspired me to write this blog post. I was messing
I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world. I was rescued by the amazing, highly qualified London Air Ambulance Service, who arrived on the scene within just seven minutes. And, it's thanks to them that I'm still alive.
So here I am. Still adjusting to wheelchair life, having swallowed enough mephedrone to rouse a rhinoceros and then jump off a flyover. I try to confine my communications to email and text. The other methods - phone and face to face - well, I might say something regrettable.
If you thought you were crap at maths rest easy – Tesco is even worse. The supermarket failed to entice customers with a
It wasn't a particularly vicious assault, but last week I accidently, and forcefully, whacked my cheekbone with my own tennis racquet and, as a consequence, turned my blue eye black.
Potty training might seem daunting, especially to first time parents, but it doesn't need to be as challenging as it sounds
A woman who died after being found collapsed in the snow could be "a tragic accident", according to the police. The woman
Some stuff-ups are funnier than others. A typo in an email - forgiveable. Spelling the word "school" wrong as you paint road
A police officer who died after his car crashed into a tree as he responded to an emergency call has been named. Pc Andrew