Very few of our leaders can go through the eye of the needle of true accountability.
Corruption, state capture, fake news – these are all crucial topics that South Africa's media has firmly put on the agenda, writes the German ambassador to SA.
The solution to removing the feeling of threat is not hard: teachers should be included in working out shared aims, which would increase their motivation and ultimately their trust in the education process.
In the public sector, above all others, this is very damaging for democracy and our trust in government at all levels. Effective accountability can strengthen such trust, as it can in every sector. Leaders have a duty of care in this regard. Let them more consistently honour this duty.
The party needs to send a strong message about its values.
We have come a long way from King John in the 13th century but the world and its institutions of government are hugely more complex. Moreoever, changes are still taking place. It seems to me that there is a urgent need to consider this whole issue of accountability of the state to get a framework fit for the 21st century rather than relying on piecemeal actions in response to the latest scandal.
For Fashion Revolution, truth means transparency and transparency implies honesty, openness, communication and accountability. Transparency means that if human rights or environmental abuses are discovered, it is far easier for relevant stakeholders to understand what went wrong, who is responsible and how to fix it. It also helps unions, communities and garment workers themselves to more swiftly alert brands to human rights and environmental concerns.
He has approached the high court to force Abrahams to make a decision to prosecute cops who searched his house without a warrant