What have you done that's made you feel really proud of yourself? One internet user 'Redditor_Reddit' pitched the question
A whopping three quarters of women worldwide are likely to be affected by labels and stereotypes, according to a new study
My hope is that this picture contributes to the mounting evidence that confirms circumstance does not necessarily dictate capability and that soon enough the depiction of young, black, professional, female excellence will not need to be as impressive.
It's no secret: my children are late readers. I could never understand the mad rush to get children reading way before they are ready to. My belief is that the focus during the early years should be spent entirely on teaching children about their relationship to the world they live in. This relationship can only be learned by doing and exploring and discovering...
For most of us, the idea of climbing Mount Everest seems just about impossible, let alone at the age of 13. But one amazing
We can all do something to make a difference, and celebrate the unique individuals we are. I am no longer afraid of embarrassing myself; Parkinson's has done a great job removing any fears of making a fool of myself.
Why do we give up? Because we think that if something has not yet happened by our time scale then it is not going to happen. We assume that when something is not yet alright it is never going to be.