Act for Change

Three Days in the Country at the National Theatre is an exciting, absorbing version of Ivan Turgenev's A Month in the Country. It's smart, funny and overcomes its challenges to keep you entertained.
Your trailer. I noticed there were no BAMEs or disabled performers about the gaff. Perhaps, on this occasion the inclusion of the BAME talent in BBC Two's new season of drama, simply wasn't seen as something worth selling to the global market?
In London the BAME community account for over 42% of the population, so why aren't the actors taking centre stage reflective of that? If the white able-bodied voice is what fronts the majority of the theatre we experience, we are destined to only ever see life from that perspective and no other.
Unless you're Meryl the culture won't allow you to age. The opportunities available suddenly become a role-call of grannies, witches and victims of dementia.
Meera Syal has become the latest star to add her voice to those wanting more equal representation on our television screens