Action Against Hunger

With recent estimates revealing that chronic undernourishment still persists for at least 815 million people globally, this
If we get this right, my great-great-granddaughter won't be witnessing the end to malnutrition, I will. And so will you.
From UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon to Hollywood A-lister Keira Knightley - the world has begun talking about the impending food crisis in South Sudan. And with good reason. We can now deliver a humanitarian response that was unavailable in the famines of the 1980s and 1990s.
When combined together, food and music become all the more powerful, and could even have the potential to 'move the world'. A new campaign, the No Hunger Orchestra, is exploring how we can use food and music to inspire people to join the fight against hunger.
A new report from Action Against Hunger shows that investments in proven nutrition interventions are falling far short of what is needed to address global hunger and raises serious concerns about the reactive and short-term nature of funding for nutrition programmes.
White sandy beaches, clear waters and colourful surf shops are synonymous with Mangily, a tourist spot in south west Madagascar. However that all changed when Cyclone Haruna swept across the island three weeks ago, devastating tens of thousands of families lives in the process.