Action for Children

The five things you need to know about politics today.
1. FAZCINATING DINNER CHAT  When Jean-Claude Juncker and Theresa May met for a Brexit dinner in April, a rather unhelpful
Nearly three quarters of Conservative councillors are worried about government funding cuts to children’s centres, a new
Today, Action for Children is calling for government to urgently put in place three critical processes to support young parents across England and give them the best chance of finding well-paid employment.
If the Government is serious about looking after the most vulnerable children in society, it must urgently re-invest in local services that are proven to tackle the root causes of neglect and abuse - not just hope it can firefight the symptoms.
Millions are struggling without free school meals during the summer.
A charity supporting children from poorer families says it has been unable to meet demand from those struggling to feed themselves
Moving from home to home can really affect a child's social skills, educational outcomes and employment prospects - impacting on their mental health and exacerbating any existing behavioural and emotional issues. We know first-hand the challenges these young people face, they have often experienced the worst in life, which means it can take several moves before they find the right foster carer to meet their specific needs.
In January, David Cameron spoke about children's early years and the role of parents, calling it "the most important job we'll ever have". He took some flak for suggesting that parents deserve more support than we currently give them, but he was right. Focusing the Government's passion for improving life chances into a national programme to improve our children's development should be an open goal for the Prime Minister. I don't want him to hesitate and fluff his chance.