Adam Smith

Former Cabinet ministers Lord Mandelson and Tessa Jowell will kick off a potentially dramatic week at the Leveson inquiry
Adam Smith, Jeremy Hunt's former special adviser who was forced to quit after admitting he had inappropriate contact with
Lord Justice Leveson has confirmed he will be calling Jeremy Hunt's former special adviser Adam Smith and the News International
I was pleased to hear recently that I am not alone in arguing that the charity sector needs to reclaim its independence.
David Cameron has insisted that he will take no action against Jeremy Hunt until the culture secretary has appeared before
David Cameron insisted today that he had seen no evidence that Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has breached the ministerial
In Citizens of the World: David Hume and Allan Ramsay, we are treated to some of the painter Allan Ramsay's most celebrated works. Throughout the exhibition we can draw connections between the overlapping lives of great enlightened philosophers like Jean-Jacques Rousseau and David Hume.
Indeed there is no shying away from the parallels in this exhibition with so much modern entertainment. Celebrity worship is another human constant; and with celebrity, as any Hugh Grant or Steve Coogan knows, comes sex, obsession and the baying British press.