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Adele is almost as famous for not speaking out about her personal life - or appearing in public to talk about anything much
Adele has received an undisclosed five-figure sum for breach of privacy after a photo agency took and tried to sell photographs
Adele has been adept at keeping baby Angelo under wraps since his birth in October 2012. But he had to come out sometime
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Adele has reportedly chosen Alan Carr as her baby's godfather. The 'Skyfall' singer
Adele has managed to achieve more in her quarter of a century on the planet than most of us could ever dream of achieving
Adele is looking at swish LA properties as she mulls over the prospect of spending half the year in the US, it has been claimed
For someone so ubiquitous Adele's surprisingly unavailable. Why doesn't she make music videos anymore? Does she promote anywhere but here and the US? Why does she so rarely tweet, and why is one of 170 said tweets in defence of Chris bloody Brown? Why the lack of new music?
Getting Adele to reveal her baby's name has been more difficult than working out who the 10 people who bought Tulisa's debut
HUFFPOST UK CELEB ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Adele made her first public appearance since her son's birth last year
After spending months in hiding following the birth of her son, we were beginning to wonder if we would ever see Adele again