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Adele has managed to achieve more in her quarter of a century on the planet than most of us could ever dream of achieving
For someone so ubiquitous Adele's surprisingly unavailable. Why doesn't she make music videos anymore? Does she promote anywhere but here and the US? Why does she so rarely tweet, and why is one of 170 said tweets in defence of Chris bloody Brown? Why the lack of new music?
Chris Brown has thanked Adele for clearing up the confusion over a picture taken at the Grammys which appears to show the
We all whooped and hollered when it looked like Adele had given baby boy Chris Brown a telling off in a photo taken at the
Just when you thought you couldn't love Adele anymore, she goes and gives pop's bad boy Chris Brown what for. A photo taken
Adele has added another trophy to her limitless collection after winning the Best Pop Solo Performance at the 55th Annual
Adele has provided the biggest shock of this year's Grammys - she has ditched her trademark black in favour of, wait for
Soul superstar Adele earns $65,600 (£41,000) a day thanks to her chart success, according to newly published accounts. The
Curvy singer Adele clearly cherishes her love life - she would consider slimming down if her weight affected her sex life
Adele flaunted a slimmer, blonder look when she swept the Grammys last week but the star insists she does not need to lose