adolf hitler

Eighty years since his election to the Reichstag, Adolf Hitler is having another pop at power - this time, in India. The
Eighty years ago today, Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany, a political appointment that would ultimately lead
By dressing up as Nazis, Greek protestors showed that, under pressure, states within the European Union revert back to suspicion and resentment of each other and historical grievances come to the surface.
Some words are probably irretrievable. It would be a brave blogger who mounted a campaign for acceptable fascism or a kinder eugenics.
Confession time: we have more than once been known to purchase a bottle of wine purely because we like the picture on the
Uganda's President Idi Amin, centre, and his wife, Sarah, leave the Grand Hotel in Rome This is where is gets complex. Amin
A Russian baritone who was due to sing the lead role in Richard Wagner's The Flying Dutchman at the annual Bayreuth opera
A 1943 scheme by Nazi Germany to assassinate Winston Churchill through an explosive bar of chocolate has been uncovered nearly
It's a phrase we never thought we'd type, but here we are, typing it: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has accidentally been
Jesse Owens' 1936 Olympic medal haul at Berlin is one of the most courageous wins in not just the Games, but sport's history