Adrian Beecroft

The government has confirmed it is seeking to halve the redundancy consultation period for large-scale redundancies from
It is anticipated that the most controversial concept contained in the formal submission, created by Adrian Beecroft, who wants employers to be able to sack staff at will in an effort to kick-start the economy, will be killed off later today.
Millions of workers will be turned into "second class citizens" if the government adopts proposals in Adrian Beecroft's controversial
One of Nick Clegg's closest advisers has dismissed Adrian Beecroft's attacks on business secretary Vince Cable as "nonsense
Adrian Beecroft's hotly anticipated report to number 10 on how to improve growth and efficiency through changing employment law is now characterised by one controversial suggestion. Doing away with unfair dismissal.
Is it time to think the unthinkable about the way we employ people in Britain? The question is prompted by the leaking of Adrian Beecroft's controversial report to the government, which recommends sweeping changes to aspects of UK employment law.
A controversial Downing Street adviser has accused business secretary Vince Cable of being a socialist who "appears to do
Nick Clegg has condemned proposals to make it easier for businesses to fire workers, saying he has never supported the scheme
Tensions have surfaced within the coalition government over proposals to make it easier for businesses to fire workers. The
Business Secretary Vince Cable has dismissed proposals to cut employment rights and make it easier to sack people as "complete