Adult Education

We can no longer afford to ignore the education and skills gaps that exist in our country, Labour candidate Angela Rayner writes.
Lack of skills in English and maths is a serious barrier to social mobility
Young people need opportunities to develop their skills but, as the Sainsbury Review showed, the 17-30 year olds not progressing
The introduction of practical, technical is the biggest shake-up of further education in 70 years
What will Britain look like in 20 years time? Today the government launched a new Industrial Strategy that paints a future
There is much said about the reported social care 'crisis' in the UK. This has been caused by a myriad of factors, not least
The other week I rang my bank to open a new account. It was all very easy. A helpful woman checked my details over the phone
When looking to answers and ways to improve literacy in our country, it’s imperative that we include technology when seeking out solutions.
This week, City Lit will be hosting its 3rd annual Mental Wealth Festival (12-14 September), exploring the human face of wellbeing. Over the three days of the festival, we are looking forward to hearing real life stories from various mental health ambassadors and experts, as well as personal reflections from those who have encountered mental health issues.