Every year many Brits travel abroad in search of the beauty in our world. As the very fortunate individual chosen as 16-25 Railcard's first Chief Adventure Officer, it is my job to show the Great British public why they should be looking closer to home, embracing a staycation, and exploring all our nation has to offer.
Yes, a woman can do these things, and yes, other women might like to try these adventurers too. I never even thought of myself as a women who was an ecoadventurer but perhaps this is one sector where what sex you are still matters to be considered a role-model.
On April fool's day 2014, I made a decision. A big decision that may change the course my life. I have spent the last 12
Across the world, mountaineers, adventurers and explorers continue in increasing numbers to pit themselves against nature, push the boundaries of possibilities and, when successful, enjoy the sheer exhilaration of conquering and achieving a major goal. It is a raw and empowering feeling that is hard to compare in our increasingly sanitized, consumerist and materialistic society.
Someone's attitude to risk is an inherently personal relationship. Take ten people together and their risk thresholds will be vastly different. Many people go through life confined securely within a small comfort zone, avoiding stepping out to venture into the unknown at all costs. Others fly through life on a roller coaster, reveling in risk taking in all manner of ways.