I really really hate "the terrorists have won" people. The stereotypical one is the tin hat man who is callous about 9/11
As a women, do you feel like you have choices taken away from you that men can freely see, hear, taste or smell? The answer is probably no, but when it comes to the big things - pay, housework and child care, rape - you probably think the answer is entirely different. And these do actually affect our everyday lives. 
Budget airline Ryanair has been rapped by a watchdog for a "sexist" advertising campaign which "objectified" women. The promotion
There have been so many Star Wars-themed adverts over the years - see below - that it takes a pretty damn good one to get
The 'Go To Work On An Egg' slogan, which launched in the 1950s followed by the famous 1965 advert featuring Tony Hancock
The latest advertising campaign from clothing company Benetton featuring world leaders kissing each other will no doubt stoke
The digital age has contributed to shorter attention spans, more consumer control, freedom and choice, as well as an industry reliant on data and technology. How has this impacted the art of storytelling? And does it matter?
The denim brand Levis has been forced to postpone the release of an ad campaign because it includes scenes of rioting. The
Two adverts have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority after a complaint from MP Jo Swinson. Promotions for
I'm trying to picture the image of a modern day Don Draper sitting down with his latest clients. They're excited to see what this colossus among men has to offer, what paradigm-exploding slogan or concept he's about to bestow upon them to make their brand immortal. At that point, New Age Don gets up and says "So then the man says WONGA! and a bunch of other people tell the audience how to get money for their old mobiles".