Struggling A&E departments are to be given a £500 million Government bailout to help relieve pressure in the coming months
Plans to address the problem of bulging A&E departments "lack sufficient urgency", MPs have warned. The Health Select Committee
For political reasons, Jeremy Hunt has turned this whole issue into a crisis of primary care. The trouble is he has a real crisis in A&E that isn't going away - and the measures he is proposing won't solve it, as the advice from NHS England makes clear. In fact, by focusing his department's attention on the wrong target, he could make matters even worse.
Accident and emergency services have "deteriorated significantly", NHS officials have conceded as they set out plans to improve
Demand on NHS accident and emergency departments is "out of control" and "totally unsustainable", the head of the health
Even though the high street may die a death, machines powered by us will probably run the shops that remain open. But this technique of doing things ourselves appears to be running into other areas of our lives.
All children who visit hospital accident and emergency (A&E) departments or have out-of-hours GP consultations will be logged
Almost a quarter of people are not diagnosed with cancer until they are admitted to hospital as an urgent case, research
I patiently waited for 15 minutes after putting in a 999 call for an ambulance, before calling back at 6.40am last Monday after my mum's collapse. When the operator told me "it's not unusual to have to wait this length of time during periods of high call volumes" I knew what was to come.
Toenails in need of a trim, hangover help and bad-hair-day dramas are just three of the bizarre reasons why people attend