Technology is rapidly changing the aerospace industry and the way we travel - we must be at the forefront of this revolution
Prices have risen since the UK voted to leave the EU.
Brexit is already costing families hundreds more every year, according to experts. A Centre for Economic Performance (CEP
A Labour MP says some of her constituents are so worried about Brexit they are “literally crying themselves to sleep”. Chi
To combat these demands, Tier 1 suppliers are turning to the digital economy. While new technologies continue to impact isolated areas and operations, linking these through digital transformation is the next frontier, and this is leading the industry closer to the possibility of the 'connected aircraft'.
We'll cut straight to the chase, this video shouldn't exist. A Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a passenger plane, it has absolutely
A lot of awareness is being made for girls to study and work in STEM. Recently, an engineering jobs team created an online database to help encourage and inspire more female students to work in the engineering and aerospace industry.
We need a strategic approach to industry - but have we gone overboard? Where we used to have nothing, now we have a huge range of government and TSB initiatives with which the private sector must engage.
Britain is an innovative, creative nation with world leading industries in engineering manufacturing and services. Our entrepreneurs continue to develop new products that take on the world. Manufacturing's share of national output may have fallen but we remain a major and successful manufacturing nation.