It's not often a rock star apologies to an entire nation, but that's what's happened, with Meat Loaf saying sorry to "the
With the news this week that Sam Burgess is set to make his rugby union debut for Bath in this Friday's Aviva Premiership match against Harlequins, it's the first chance to see how the latest big name rugby league convert does in the XV man game.
A Scottish model was arrested after she cavorted naked at the AFL Grand Final match on Saturday. Images of Heather McCartney
Most sports fans are staunch supporters of their team and the venue it calls home, but there are some sports venues around the world that are worth visiting for their history, grandeur, and amazing atmosphere.
Melbourne is a place that likes to think of itself as the sporting capital of Australia. Given the Aussies obsession with anything that runs, jumps or plays with a ball, that probably makes Melbourne the sporting capital of the world.
On Thursday morning I overheard a group of senior citizens discussing whether or not Eddie McGuire was racist. They decided that he was not, and that calling someone an ape was not racist, and they were quite upset that the whole thing was an issue at all.
Players have even been known to propose to each other during matches The Australian Football League has also expressed concerns
Hardly ever does anyone ever call anyone else a racist, to their face. It's such a heavy allegation that people have become extremely hesitant about using it, except as a joke. As a result, I reckon we've lost the ability to talk about racism.
Who cares? I don't. His overly tattooed torso, has-been left foot and toothpick wife can come to Australia if they like, or not. I couldn't give a stuff, and we shouldn't either. But we do. We really, really do.