African Union

The International Criminal Court seems unable to prosecute anyone except minor African rebels and overthrown African heads of state.
"New alignments" on the continent causes the ANC to fear a slip back into colonialism.
Dlamini-Zuma officially hands over to incoming chair of the AU Commission Faki Mahamat on March 14.
How a stubborn denialist Mbeki almost torpedoed his own brain child.
The government has every intention of finding a way -- any way -- of withdrawing from the International Criminal Court.
Nowadays, rulers who have blood on their hands are likely to end up behind bars when the halls of power close. When Laurent Gbagbo, former Ivory Coast president, was hauled from his bunker and sent to the Hague, it served notice to tyrants that they can run, but can no longer hide.
The inclusion of Morocco back into the fold is a shame on the African Union when the unresolved conflict of the Saharawi people still hangs in the balance.
"The ICC won't ignore the political message."
As South Africa pushes for the Rome Statute of the ICC Act Repeal Bill, AU countries have adopted a strategy to leave collectively.
In a race usually resolved in behind-the-scenes talks before a summit vote, three of the AU's four major regions vied for the post.