African Union

The head of the African Union called out President Donald Trump on Monday for the ultimate American hypocrisy. South African
Buffeted by shifting winds in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and further abroad, President Ian Khama's legacy has never been more tenuous.
South Africa will also continue to promote peace, security and stability within the region and the continent.
It is no surprise she is being judged solely on her gender and husband over her political accomplishments. Just ask certain Hillary Clinton...
If serious and sustained pressure is not brought to bear upon Joseph Kabila's regime, he has the political and legal instruments to engineer a dynastic rule.
The next AU chairperson will need to provide critical direction in a world increasingly defined by China, Trump and Brexit.
The kingdom accused the AU chief of "trying to thwart Morocco's decision to regain its natural and legitimate place in the pan-African institutional family."
The International Criminal Court has been accused of bias in the past. South Africa, Gambia and Burundi say they intend to withdraw from the court.