She looked at me in the eyes with a teary face and said: “They do not want to play with me because I am ugly”.
Immigration on average has positive economic effects on the native population.
Too Congolese to be South African and too South African to be Congolese. So where would we find the response to the statement: “Go back to your country!”?
You say these aren't xenophobic attacks, but attacks on crime. Laughable. If that's the case, what of those who stole our natural resources for centuries.
Using the rhetoric of high unemployment as the primary cause of frustration, as an explanation for these afrophobic attacks only perpetuates the problem.
Immigrants are just the same as us; we simply cannot go on saying all legal or illegal immigrants are drug lords and claim we are not being xenophobic.
I condemn every act of self-justice, violence and destruction that has occurred in the past few weeks but I must say that I understand your agitations.
Nigeria and South Africa set up early warning system to warn of problems.
Attacks are predominantly carried against fellow Africans. No foreign national of European descent has been attacked. So is it xenophobia or Afrophobia?
Concerns over the increasing ill-treatment and violence targeting asylum seekers and migrants in Europe have confirmed ENAR's