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The BBFC operates transparent, consistent and trusted co-regulatory and self-regulatory classification and labelling systems in the UK. The BBFC Classification Guidelines are based on large-scale public consultation and supplemented with expert research. The last review of the Classification Guidelines involved more than 10,000 members of the public from across the UK.
Now, I am experiencing a strong sense of déja vu. The new incarnation of the Digital Economy Bill starts with a real concern, that children can access pornography online, and puts forward a 'modest proposal". This is a deserving group whose interests are indisputably important.
There's a world of difference between a nine-year old accidentally stumbling on an explicit clip of unsimulated violent sex, and a 15-year old seeking out videos that help them understand their sexual feelings or identity.
I would like to call to the future Prime Minister to focus on the importance of this issue. In the next four years they could make a significant positive impact on the safety of our children, and enable industry to act responsibly but still thrive commercially.
While the watershed does usefully remind us that there is offensive and harmful material on our screens after 9.00pm, with the challenge posed by the internet and on demand TV is the watershed past its sell by date?
The core idea is that both existing users and anyone buying a new computer or signing up to a new internet connection will be asked whether or not they have children who are or will be using it. Presumably if the answer is "no" they pass straight through.
In the UK the Gambling Act, 2005, established a licensing regime for companies wanting to run gambling web sites. To obtain an online operator's licence, inter alia, companies had to show they had a robust method for verifying that all their customers are aged 18 or above.
Something quite remarkable has happened at Google and it seems to have passed by largely unnoticed.
About this time of year lots of technology pundits write columns about what they think is going to happen in the upcoming
Our new Prime Minister clearly has a passion for this subject. Not surprising. He is the father of three young children. Mr Cameron is committed to the idea of self-regulation. He was very clear about that but it was also fairly obvious, not that he is impatient, but that he is very keen to see things happen fast. The British Prime Minister will be running with this ball for some time to come.