Students' Unions need to devise long term plans, which elected individuals can champion, but are essentially run and managed by the longer term 'backroom machine' of the SU. Only then will we start seeing real, organised change in Students' Unions.
The Guardian recently published an article titled 'Rape culture at university needs urgent action' which opened with the author, a Cambridge fresher, describing various dreadful incidents her friends had experienced at university, namely drink spiking, sexual assault, and most tragically, rape. So far, so fair...
So some PR firms ring fence their social media gurus and build dedicated teams around them. This protects them and fosters excellent work. These teams however don't scale well inside an agency. There's too much demand, and the skills don't permeate to other teams easily-enough.
Social media enthusiasts, particularly those who work in the field, are often referred to as 'social media geeks'. In fact various members of my family are pretty sure that is my actual job title.
A long while ago two guys called Daniel Yankelovich and John Immerwahl did the definitive investigation into the substance of this. They found that the amount of work needed to do to avoid being fired was about a third of what people were really capable of.
Let's not fool ourselves, we only have to open the news these days to see horrific articles about women being raped, date raped, molested and faced with a deluge of sexual abuses for their appearances (I mean we have to be a certain shape, size or else we lose our appeal to the opposite sex!). So on that note I find my hijab a very liberating experience.
The addition of multi-admin functionality to Google+ brand pages will be hugely beneficial when it comes to page management for the many different brands and businesses that use them.
Think you've got what it takes to be the next Miranda Kerr or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? Well Issa London is looking for