agricultural sector

'We are keenly aware of the severe policy uncertainty facing agriculture in the form of expropriation without compensation (EWC).'
Farmers and an agribusinessman interviewed at the #NAMPO2018 agricultural event give their perceptions on the sensitive land-expropriation debate.
It’s evident from the report that South Africans love their chicken.
Africa’s ambition has not matched that of other advanced nations.
Innovation and entrepreneurship have become major buzzwords and are constantly proposed as policies.
The area accounts for up to 60 percent of the world's remaining arable land.
The outbreak of disease shows that moving forward, discussions about food security shouldn't only lean on availability and affordability.
It is troubling to continue seeing under-representation of women in public and policy engagements.
In 2017, South Africa experienced the agricultural sector taking the country out of recession during the toughest times.
The weather will be a key factor to monitor throughout the production period, as it will have notable implications for crop development.